■ History of JET
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公演回数■ 東工・青短プロダクション■ 電通・東女プロダクション■ 医科歯科・お茶大プロダクション■ 東学・教育大プロダクション
第1回The Bracelet The Sky Over CastHands Across the Sea
第2回Lithania The Damask DrumThe Apollo of Dellac
第3回Twilight of A Crane SalomeThe Stocker
第4回The Ugly Ducking The Man who Wouldn't Go to HeavenOn the top of the Column
第5回Fog on the Valley To My Chocolate Cream SoldierStorm in a Loving Cup
第6回The torch-bearers No Exit-
   ■ 教育大・東短プロダクション
A young Lady of Property
 The CircleSilence on the Batleland
■ 教育大・英和プロダクション
第8回The other WomanThe Flattering WordThe Circle
第9回The Great Glt-AwayThe Long Christmas DinnerThe Living RoomYes Means No & Leader
第10回Oh dad. Poor Dad.
Mamma's Hung You
in the Closet and I'm feeling so sad
The Staring MarchTrevorGory Story
第11回Please No FlowersThe Eye of the BeholderThe Playboy of the Weatem WordSorry Wrong Number
第12回Sally and SamBlack Comedy
PicnicThe Other Other Woman
■ 早大理工・英和プロダクション
第13回Good Bye to the ClownVisit to a Small PlanetJack or the SubmissionThe pot Boiler
第14回MichealTrevorA Long Christmas DinnerOne of Us
第15回Thunder on Sycamore StreetDinny and the WitchesA Ghostly EveningSusstroke
第16回From White to WhiteThe Long Good-byeThe Scared FlameWho Murdered Who?
第17回Cat on Hot Tin RoofThe Stolen Princess
&The Lost Princess
God’s FavoriteAn Overpraised Season
第18回The Staeing MatchDope!The Miracle WorkerHair
第19回FrankensteinThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz Love of the Seven PuppetsTricks
第20回Don't Don't the WaterWitness for The ProsecutionCome Blow your HornBlack Comedy
■ 早大理工・英和・清泉プロダクション
第21回Touch of FancyGod SpellOne of UsAntigone
第22回The Importance of Being EarnestSend Me No FlowersOn Golden PondPygmalion
第23回Bedroom FarceCount DraculaHarveyTrevor
第24回FoolsAnger StreetSummer and SmokeI remember Mama
第25回The New BrideMary, MaryPack of LiesAnne of Green Gables
第26回Black ComedyHuck FilmDeath Takes A HolidayThree’s Company
第27回"Play it again Sam"Spider’s WebRumorsBoeing-Boeing
■ 早大理工・英和・清泉・上野プロダクション
第28回Arsenic and Old LaceNo Hard FeelingsThey Came to A CityThe noble Spaniard
第29回The Real Insector HoundRun For Your WifeJacking Apart
第30回No Sex, Please-We’re BritishGoing ApeRumors
第31回The Romancer’sBlack ComedyPicnic
第32回The Old CoupleBedroom FarceThe Bride Comes Back
第33回A Grand RomanceLove DiatriveWhat I Did Last Summer
第34回See you again, my Ryoma saidAlphabetical OrderThe Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
第35回Town full of HeroesKnight of the Twelfth Saycer Let's Murder Marsha
第36回Dead Man's HandBlack ComedyOur girls
第37回Brightton Beach MemoirsBlood RelationsThe Dreamers examines his Pillow
第38回Exploding Love
The Actor's NightmareExploding Love
第39回(JET2002)Enter A Freeman
第40回(JET2003)Father Of Bride
第41回(JET2004)Blithe Spirit
第42回(JET2005)Cat on a hot tin roof
第43回(JET2006)Private Lives
第44回(JET2007)Our Town


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